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Application IDLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionAddressDecisionDetermination Date
23/131129/05/2023Dwelling House and Swimming PoolDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling House12-18 NERO STREET MITTAGONG NSW 2575Internal Referrals 
23/135129/05/2023Dwelling House, Secondary DwellingDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling House6 ST CLAIR STREET BOWRAL NSW 2576Internal Referrals 
23/115129/05/2023Dwelling HouseDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling House"TUGALONG FARM" 1371 TUGALONG ROAD CANYONLEIGH NSW 2577Internal Referrals 
23/131030/05/2023Dwelling HouseDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling House11 SIR JAMES FAIRFAX CIRCUIT BOWRAL NSW 2576Pre-Lodgement 
23/136030/05/2023Dwelling House & Swimming PoolDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling HouseGLENORA 6045 ILLAWARRA HIGHWAY AVOCA NSW 2577Internal Referrals 
23/137230/05/2023Residential Alterations & Additions - Dwelling Alterations & AdditionsDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions22 LEOPOLD STREET MITTAGONG NSW 2575External Referrals 
23/139731/05/2023Residential Alterations & Additions – Dwelling alterations and additions & detached shedDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions152 MERRIGANG STREET BOWRAL NSW 2576Internal Referrals 
23/13981/06/2023Modification to DA 21/1969 S4.55(1)Modifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DASPARROWS NEST 18 CORNWALL ROAD EXETER NSW 2579Lodged 
23/13781/06/2023Subdivision - 2 LotsDevelopment ApplicationsSubdivision - XX Lots17B BUMBALLA ROAD WINGELLO NSW 2579External Referrals 
23/13621/06/2023BStage 2C: 66 residential lots (Lots 2301 to 2366) & 3 residue lots (Lots 2367, 2368 & 2369) • Stage 2D: 30 residential lots (Lots 2401 to 2430) • Stage 2E: 06 residential lots (Lots 2501 to 2506)Development ApplicationsSubdivision - XX LotsCOOMUNGIE 141 YARRAWA ROAD MOSS VALE NSW 2577External Referrals 
23/13931/06/2023Change of Use - Storage PremisesDevelopment ApplicationsCommercial / Retail / Office5 GANTRY PLACE BRAEMAR NSW 2575Internal Referrals 
23/12351/06/2023Dual Occupancy (attached)Development ApplicationsResidential New Secondary Occupancy2226 JAMBEROO MOUNTAIN ROAD ROBERTSON NSW 2577Internal Referrals 
23/13842/06/2023Modification to DA 23/0024 S4.55 (2)Modifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA660 RANGE ROAD MITTAGONG NSW 2575Lodged 
23/12312/06/2023Dwelling House, Secondary DwellingDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling House1791 CANYONLEIGH ROAD CANYONLEIGH NSW 2577Lodged 
23/12952/06/2023Modification to DA 23/1295 S4.55 (1A)Modifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA7 TRURO PLACE BALMORAL NSW 2571Pending 

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