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Application IDLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionAddressDecisionDetermination Date
24/025324/08/2023Residential Alterations and Additions - Swimming PoolComplying Development CertificateResidential Alterations and Additions24 MARULAN STREET WINGELLO NSW 2579Approved14/09/2023
24/011811/08/2023Ongoing use of existing structures associated with the established use of the site as a pubDevelopment ApplicationsCommercial / Retail / OfficeBRIARS INN & LODGE MOSS VALE ROAD BURRADOO NSW 2576Internal Referrals 
24/021528/08/2023Child Care Centre, Demolition - Dwelling HouseDevelopment ApplicationsCommercial / Retail / Office2 WALKER STREET BOWRAL NSW 2576Lodged 
23/15381/08/2023Farm BuildingDevelopment ApplicationsOther127 OSBORNE ROAD BURRADOO NSW 2576Internal Referrals 
24/010428/08/2023Educational Establishment - Alterations and AdditionsDevelopment ApplicationsOtherBOWRAL HIGH SCHOOL 7 PARK ROAD BOWRAL NSW 2576Internal Referrals 
24/014524/08/2023Farm BuildingsDevelopment ApplicationsOther6140 ILLAWARRA HIGHWAY MOSS VALE NSW 2577Request for Information 
23/11002/08/2023Residential Alterations & Additions: Swimming Pool, Retaining WallDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions95 SOAPY FLAT ROAD HIGH RANGE NSW 2575Internal Referrals 
23/15354/08/2023Residential Alterations & Additions - StudioDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions32B CENTENNIAL ROAD BOWRAL NSW 2576Notification 
24/000318/08/2023Residential Alterations and Additions - Extensions, Internal, ShedDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions24 CARLISLE STREET BOWRAL NSW 2576Notification 
24/003228/08/2023Residential Alterations & Additions - Detached Studio, Covered Deck and Enclosed PorchDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions10 LOUISA STREET MITTAGONG NSW 2575Internal Referrals 
24/006628/08/2023Residential Alterations and Additions - StudioDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions20 MEGALONG LANE (Priv.) CANYONLEIGH NSW 2577Lodged 
24/007617/08/2023Residential Alterations and Additions - ShedDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions8 BLACKWOOD PLACE ROBERTSON NSW 2577Notification 
24/008914/08/2023Residential Alterations and Additions - Swimming PoolDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions15 HAZELTON DRIVE MOSS VALE NSW 2577Internal Referrals 
24/011028/08/2023Residential Alterations and Additions - ExtensionsDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions6 ST DENIS CLOSE BURRADOO NSW 2576Internal Referrals 
24/011121/08/2023Residential Alterations and Additions - Alfresco, Deck, Extensions, Garage, Internal, Retaining WallDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions66A OSBORNE ROAD BURRADOO NSW 2576Notification 

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