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Application IDLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionAddressDecisionDetermination Date
16/1077.02.0112/09/2023Carry out water supply work, Carry out sewerage work, Carry out stormwater drainage work, Install construct or alter waste treatment device, Operate a system of sewage management (S68A)Modifications of ConsentSection 106 Modification LGA75 GREASONS ROAD BUNDANOON NSW 2578Pending 
24/025112/09/2023Residential Alterations and Additions - Patio, Retaining Wall, Shed, Swimming PoolModifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA16 GUTHAWAH WAY RENWICK NSW 2575Approved18/09/2023
24/021812/09/2023Strata Subdivision - 2 LotsDevelopment ApplicationsSubdivision - XX Lots24 PARKES ROAD MOSS VALE NSW 2577Lodged 
24/027612/09/2023Dwelling HouseDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling House6 ROSE STREET BOWRAL NSW 2576Lodged 
24/025412/09/2023Residential Alterations and Additions - Extensions, GarageDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions82 OLD KANGALOON ROAD ROBERTSON NSW 2577Lodged 
24/017912/09/2023DwellingDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling House1 ROCKY WATERHOLES ROAD HILL TOP NSW 2575Lodged 
24/026413/09/2023Dwelling HouseDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling House35 HERITAGE DRIVE BUNDANOON NSW 2578Lodged 
24/021114/09/2023Multi Dwelling Housing - 10 DwellingsModifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA118 MITTAGONG ROAD BOWRAL NSW 2576Pending 
24/023314/09/2023Dwelling HouseDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling House3 KENT STREET YERRINBOOL NSW 2575Lodged 
24/023114/09/2023Residential Alterations and Additions - Carport, ShedDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions1439 WILSON DRIVE COLO VALE NSW 2575Lodged 
23/144314/09/2023Further clarification of the scope of works required, additional details for external and internal building works.Modifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DAANGLEWOOD 17-19 YEAN STREET BURRADOO NSW 2576Pending 
24/034914/09/2023Residential Alterations and Additions - Additions, Residential Alterations and Additions, Swimming PoolDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions60 WARREEAH LANE KANGALOON NSW 2576Lodged 
24/033214/09/2023Conditions imposed in the consent relate to a commercial development (approved development is ancillary structure to a dwelling house). Condition No. 8 needs to have points (d) ,(e) & (f) removed.Modifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA43 GOLDEN VALE ROAD SUTTON FOREST NSW 2577Pending 
24/026518/09/2023Alterations and additions to dwelling and tree removalDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions66 BENDOOLEY STREET BOWRAL NSW 2576Lodged 
24/028618/09/202312m x 16m x 5.42m high ShedDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions5 ROCKLEIGH ROAD EXETER NSW 2579Lodged 

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