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Application IDLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionAddressDecisionDetermination Date
23/075116/01/2023Residential Alterations & Additions - ShedDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions9 BALL STREET MOSS VALE NSW 2577Approved29/05/2023
LUA11/1041.062/11/2022WASTE FACILITY REFER TO DA d6195d4Modifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA8 KIAMA STREET BOWRAL NSW 2576Approved29/05/2023
22/18503/06/2022Secondary DwellingDevelopment ApplicationsResidential New Secondary OccupancyJINDALEE 5 KIRKHAM ROAD BOWRAL NSW 2576Approved29/05/2023
20/0442.0522/02/2023Subdivision - 10 LotsModifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA10 TYREE PLACE BRAEMAR NSW 2575Approved29/05/2023
23/02631/09/2022Demolition of existing dwelling, new Dwelling House and Secondary DwellingDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling House23-27 KINGS ROAD MOSS VALE NSW 2577Approved29/05/2023
23/115516/05/2023Modification to DA 22/1584 S4.55(1)Modifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA40 ROSE STREET BOWRAL NSW 2576Approved29/05/2023
23/060329/11/2022Subdivision - 2 LotDevelopment ApplicationsSubdivision - XX Lots8 SIERRA STREET YERRINBOOL NSW 2575Refused30/05/2023
23/071710/01/2023Residential alterations and additionsDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions7 OXLEY STREET BERRIMA NSW 2577Approved31/05/2023
22/0123.0612/01/2023Section 4.55 Modification DAModifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA81 DARRABY DRIVE MOSS VALE NSW 2577Lodged1/06/2023
17/1318.022/02/2023Temporary Use of land (Grow-Cook-Eat Festival 18 March 2017 and Weekly Local Growers Market/Food Swap)Modifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DACHURCH & COMMUNITY ACTIVIY CENTRE 18 SPRING STREET MOSS VALE NSW 2577Approved1/06/2023
23/12179/05/2023Modification to DA 23/0337 S4.55(1)Modifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA125 TAYLOR AVENUE NEW BERRIMA NSW 2577Assessment1/06/2023
23/133422/05/2023Modification to DA 21/1786 S4.55(1A)Modifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA54 GREASONS ROAD BUNDANOON NSW 2578Approved2/06/2023
22/0255.0221/02/2023Subdivision - 3 LotsModifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA40 RAILWAY ROAD MOSS VALE NSW 2577Assessment2/06/2023

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