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Search Dates15/05/2022 to 21/05/2022
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Application IDLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressDecisionDetermination Date
LUA13/0142.024/03/2022Alterations & Additions to Moss Vale Basketball StadiumModifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA15 PARKES ROAD MOSS VALE NSW 2577Approved16/05/2022
21/0010.0423/02/2022Community FacilityModifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DACHALLONER RISE RENWICK NSW 2575Pending16/05/2022
22/08428/11/2021Dwelling House & Secondary DwellingDevelopment ApplicationsResidential New Secondary Occupancy2 MONTGOMERY WAY MOSS VALE NSW 2577Pending16/05/2022
22/077327/10/2021Farm stay accommodationDevelopment ApplicationsTourist490 WOODLANDS ROAD WOODLANDS NSW 2575Approved16/05/2022
22/111722/12/2021Residential Alterations and Additions - Demolition (Garage), Extensions, Garage, AdditionsDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions16 LOUISA STREET MITTAGONG NSW 2575Approved16/05/2022
22/1054.0130/03/2022S4.55 Modification to Shed (relocation of shed and personnel access door added)Modifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA808 WOMBEYAN CAVES ROAD HIGH RANGE NSW 2575Approved16/05/2022
22/122428/01/2022Dwelling House, Demolition - existing structuresDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling House75-77 RAILWAY PARADE BALMORAL NSW 2571Approved17/05/2022
22/122328/01/2022Dwelling House, Demolition - existing structuresDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling House75-77 RAILWAY PARADE BALMORAL NSW 2571Approved17/05/2022
20/0754.03.0123/02/2022Carry out water supply work, Carry out sewerage work, Carry out stormwater drainage workModifications of ConsentSection 106 Modification LGA143 OXLEY DRIVE MITTAGONG NSW 2575Approved17/05/2022
22/005712/07/2021Residential Alterations and Additions - ShedDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions12 WYONG STREET HILL TOP NSW 2575Refused18/05/2022
22/135228/02/2022Dwelling HouseDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling House16 MIDDLE ROAD EXETER NSW 2579Approved18/05/2022
22/116714/01/2022Secondary DwellingDevelopment ApplicationsResidential New Secondary Occupancy5 ANULKA STREET MOSS VALE NSW 2577Pending18/05/2022
21/1943.032/03/2022Dwelling HouseModifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA24 ST CLAIR STREET BOWRAL NSW 2576Approved18/05/2022
LUA12/0826.0130/11/2021Demolition Alterations & Additions to Existing Dual OccupancyModifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA42 BOWRAL ROAD MITTAGONG NSW 2575Approved18/05/2022
22/129015/02/2022Residential Alterations and Additions - Extensions, Deck, Other (Tennis Court), Swimming Pool, InternalDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions4 OLD BONG BONG WAY (Priv.) BURRADOO NSW 2576Approved18/05/2022

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