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Application IDLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionAddressDecisionDetermination Date
24/0057 Residential Alterations & Additions - Dwelling Alterations & AdditionsDevelopment ApplicationsPortal HoldFORGETMENOT COTTAGE 2 ELLEN STREET BOWRAL NSW 2576Pre-Lodgement Returned20/09/2023
23/128512/05/2023Secondary DwellingDevelopment ApplicationsResidential New Secondary Occupancy23 ALFRED STREET MITTAGONG NSW 2575Request for Information20/09/2023
24/003125/08/2023Dwelling HouseModifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA7 TRURO PLACE BALMORAL NSW 2571Pending20/09/2023
23/091821/02/2023detached StudioDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions4 GINAHGULLA DRIVE BOWRAL NSW 2576Approved21/09/2023
23/072812/01/2023Dwelling HouseDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling House6 MEEHAN PLACE MOSS VALE NSW 2577Refused22/09/2023
23/080023/01/2023Dwelling Alterations & Additions & demolition of sheds and construction of proposed storage shedDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions197 ELLSMORE ROAD EXETER NSW 2579Approved22/09/2023
23/080224/01/2023Secondary DwellingDevelopment ApplicationsResidential New Secondary Occupancy16 NERRIM STREET BUNDANOON NSW 2578Approved22/09/2023
21/0035.0618/01/2023Dwelling HouseModifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DALONGFIELD 216 OLDBURY ROAD SUTTON FOREST NSW 2577Approved22/09/2023
23/08512/02/2023Proposed 3 lot subdivision and demolition of structuresDevelopment ApplicationsSubdivision - XX Lots921 PENROSE ROAD PENROSE NSW 2579Approved22/09/2023
23/089614/02/2023Residential Alterations and Additions - ShedDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions16 LANSDOWN PLACE MOSS VALE NSW 2577Approved22/09/2023
23/10799/06/2023Dwelling HouseDevelopment ApplicationsDwelling House37A BRIGADOON DRIVE BUNDANOON NSW 2578Approved22/09/2023
23/142829/06/2023Modification to DA 23/1428 S4.55 (1A)Modifications of ConsentSection 4.55 Modification DA373 SHEEPWASH ROAD GLENQUARRY NSW 2576Approved22/09/2023
23/076517/01/2023Alterations and Additions to existing dwelling house - 1st floor additionDevelopment ApplicationsResidential Alterations and Additions58 THOMPSON STREET BOWRAL NSW 2576Approved22/09/2023

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